Skoodge is dead

Watch The Nightmare Begins.  Skoodge has a PAK.

Watch Battle of the Planets.  Skoodge has a PAK.

Watch Hobo 13.  Skoodge has no PAK.  At all. No shot in that episode has him with a PAK.


As stated in the scripts for Ten Minutes to Doom and The Trial, Irkens that do not have their PAKs will eventually collapse from loss of motor functions and die.  Skoodge does not display this vital dependence.  There is one instance of someone (Sergeant Hobo 678) acknowledging Skoodge’s presence in Hobo 13, but only when talking to Zim directly and alone.

Zim is imagining Skoodge, or his PAK is implanting his image in Zim’s mind.  When he is physically able to interact with him, it is someone else entirely with the likeness of Skoodge being projected onto them, their voice changed to match Zim’s memory.

Skoodge would’ve even eventually moved in with Zim in later episodes.  Why?  What is this connection between Zim and Skoodge?  Why, even after death, is Skoodge lurking around him?  And is this part of the nature of Zim’s defectiveness?

EDIT: Since this post, I made a small follow-up.

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